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Unbound by Desire: A Quest for Enlightenment Through Celibacy

“Amidst the pursuit of wisdom’s path, I find opposite sex to be a hurdle, impeding my cognitive endeavors and stifling the growth of my intellect. Society and religion, with their firm roots, compel us toward relationships, blinding us to the divine purpose bestowed upon us. I advocate for celibacy, for I believe it to be the sanctuary from which the majority of humankind’s souls will be saved from damnation. Half a lifetime has been spent in mental and physical bondage, leaving me depleted, drained of reason, wisdom, and the ability to fathom the cosmic truth. Why do men succumb to weakness, forever restless, trapped by instinctual desires that encircle our existence? I choose to break these shackles, to evade the imprisonment of my mind, and seek enlightenment  untethered.

Tauseef Kazmi


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