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Alone in Cosmic Search

Once in a realm beyond the boundaries of our world, there existed a solitary soul named Elara. Elara was a seeker, a person who felt a deep connection to the forces of nature and believed in the existence of a divine presence. From her earliest memories, she had been told that this force was her mother, nurturing her with the gentle touch of God’s shadow to help her grow.

As Elara journeyed through her childhood, her family surrounded her with love and care, and she embraced adulthood with vigor. In the process, she developed desires and accomplished many of her dreams. Yet, as she reached deeper into her spiritual exploration, a peculiar sensation began to emerge.

It was a feeling of submitting her will to God, a yearning to connect more deeply with the divine. She believed that she was speaking to God and that God was listening. But there was a persistent challenge. For all her efforts, Elara couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of aloneness. In a cosmos filled with countless beings and wonders, she and God seemed to be the only two entities. Her senses dulled in the presence of this enigmatic force.

Elara desperately wanted to share her pain, an everlasting ache deep within her soul, with God. She longed to have a dialogue, to see, hear, and feel the divine presence that had been her guiding light. Yet, no matter where she searched or how deeply she delved into her spiritual journey, she was met with an impenetrable veil of isolation.

In her quest to find God, Elara found herself trapped in a metaphorical blind alley. She was surrounded by a bustling world, yet she felt profoundly alone, except for God, who remained elusive. Despite her unwavering faith, God seemed to neither show up nor reveal the secrets of the universe.

This story of Elara’s journey reflects the human experience of seeking a higher power and the yearning for a profound connection with the divine. It is a reminder that in the vast cosmos of existence, the path to spiritual enlightenment can be a solitary one, filled with longing and a relentless search for answers in the face of apparent silence.

Tauseef Kazmi


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