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A Quest for Divine Purpose to be Revealed through Wisdom

Amidst the cosmic tapestry of time, a tale of epochs and beings unfolds, preceding the advent of humanity as we know it. Long before the arrival of Adam on Earth, countless creatures came into existence, their destinies entwined with the commandments of the Divine. Yet, disobedience marked their path, and one by one, they vanished from the annals of existence.

But amidst the vanishing multitudes, a lone survivor emerged from the shadows – Ablees, the Jinn who implored the heavens for mercy. Pledging submission to the Almighty, he was lifted to the highest realms of the cosmos, where angels surrounded him in celestial devotion. For centuries, he prostrated in prayer, ascending in rank among the heavenly beings.

Then, upon the celestial winds, an awe-inspiring decree resounded, declaring the emergence of Adam, the chosen successor destined to inherit the Earth. Each celestial being, including Ablees, was summoned to bestow upon Adam the highest honor and protocol. Most bowed in obedience, recognizing the profound significance of this human creation.

However, in Ablees’ heart, envy and arrogance took root. Questioning the elevation of Adam, he deemed himself superior due to his fiery essence, while Adam was but a creature molded from humble earth. In his audacity, Ablees refused to submit, his rebellion marking him as the embodiment of evil – Satan, the fallen angel.

Exiled from the holy domain, Ablees embarked on a mission to thwart Adam’s destiny and mislead his descendants. A respite was granted, until the Day of Judgment, during which he would weave webs of deception to test the resolve of humanity. Yet, the Divine, in His wisdom, safeguarded the steadfast souls from the snares of Satan.

As the pages of time turned, tragedy marred the human story. The first act of fratricide cast a dark shadow upon Adam’s progeny. Was it the sinister influence of Satan that led Qabeel to betray his own brother, or the frailty of human instinct, lusting for power and dominion?

In the midst of this unfolding drama, a seeker like me grapples with profound questions about the nature of existence. Fate and free will dance together in a cosmic ballet, and the purpose of this grand script remains a mysterious enigma.

The vast cosmos stretches beyond imagination, with Earth but a mere speck in this vast expanse. Yet, I cling to the belief that purpose lies within this grand design, even if its full depth eludes mortal minds.

My journey of contemplation takes me through the realm of philosophy, seeking the essence of divine purpose and human destiny. The struggle between spirit and instinct plays out within, as I confront my weaknesses and embrace accountability.

I can see that my quest for understanding illuminates the path of enlightenment. The beauty of knowledge and wisdom unfurls like a captivating tapestry, revealing profound truths within the weave of existence.

As You(God) tread this path, let the cosmic symphony resonate in my soul, for it is in the harmony of light and shadow, joy and sorrow, that the divine purpose reveals itself. I want to embrace the pursuit of truth and resist the snares of evil, for knowledge will be my shield.

May my journey be one of discovery, wisdom, and self-awareness, as I always seek to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos. In the pursuit of truth, may I find strength and guidance, for the universe is vast, and its wonders await the seeker’s heart.

Tauseef Kazmi


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