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A Divine Mystery about Pain

Your Highness, I have seen the world full of suffering, agony, and sorrow, where many are oppressed, afflicted, and forsaken. It seems as if You are not watching over your creatures, whom you have made in your image and likeness. Do you not love them, O Lord, or do You not care for their pain? For You are beyond all pain and pleasure, having no body or form to experience them. And all your messengers who came to the earth, they only taught us to worship you and obey your commands. Is that all you want from us, O Lord, a blind and fearful obedience that does not enrich your glory or our happiness? How did you invent this pain for us, O Lord, this strange and cruel test that we must endure to prove our faith and loyalty? And if we fail or falter, we face the horror of hell, where pain is eternal and unending. I am a humble and ignorant creature, O God, who can not comprehend your wisdom and justice. Why did you create us, and what do you expect from us? Why do you make us seek YOU and love You when you seem so distant and hidden from us? Why do You rewards some with worldly blessings and others with trials and tribulations? Are we not all equal in your sight, O Lord? We are trapped in your laws and decrees, O Lord, and I am helpless to solve this puzzle. Since the beginning of time, humans have been searching for the meaning and purpose of life and trying to understand you and your will. But it seems impossible in this life, O Lord, and I am afraid of what awaits us after death. So please help me, O Lord, to understand this universe as you intended it before you created it. Please enlighten me with your grace and mercy, O Lord, and show me the way to peace and salvation to avoid after death pain. Amen

Tauseef Kazmi


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