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Month: January 2024

January 19, 2024 TauseefKazmi No Comments

“Lost in the Abyss of madness”

“In a spur of the moment, I often swamped into a deep ocean of insanity, moved in the dark, and felt the moist atmosphere around me… I can hear my breath growing faster as I feel the danger approaching And I am far away from being sane.” Tauseef Kazmi

January 15, 2024 TauseefKazmi No Comments

Embarking Within: Journeys of Wisdom and Self-Reflection

In the symphony of existence, the journey of love or tourism, a weary traveler’s return marks the culmination of profound reflections. Today, our discourse began with contemplating the essence of a person’s emotions upon their return from a voyage. If the expedition fails to immerse an individual in the nuances of their temperament and disposition, […]

January 10, 2024 TauseefKazmi No Comments

Wisdom in the Digital Age: Navigating Social Media’s Impact on Decision-Making

Following the utmost and significant need of time to pursue wisdom at this time, I have picked the title for the readers today: “Wisdom in the Digital Age: Navigating Social Media’s Impact on Decision-Making,” as under: In an age dominated by social media, the shift towards digital platforms raises essential questions about intellect, decision-making, and […]